Course Layout

"My father always said that the more severe the site, the more spectacular the golf course.  LedgeRock fits my father’s statement.  The changes in elevation at LedgeRock are so spectacular that we have to soften the site to make the course playable.  That will make for a memorable round of golf for everyone lucky enough to play LedgeRock."

-Rees Jones

LedgeRock Golf Club has been crafted from 210 acres of pristine land from a former nursery, farm and estate, featuring open fields, ponds, elevation changes and wooded areas. LedgeRock captures the essence of a classic, old style course by maintaining the scenic beauty and elegant rustic nature of the original landscape. As Jones explains, "There are a lot of sites for elevated tees and greens, and that means the course will have spectacular visibility. The more rugged the property is, the more spectacular the possibilities for the final product. It’s just an ideal piece of property for an old style course.”